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Aquarium 4-stage Reverse Osmosis Revolution Water Purification System with DI 0PPM bed filtration, 75/100/150 GPD

Aquarium 4-stage Reverse Osmosis Revolution Water Purification System with DI 0PPM  bed filtration, 75/100/150 GPD
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This Reverse Osmosis System specially designed for fresh and salt water aquarium owners. The Reverse Osmosis Revolution System easily attaches to your kitchen faucet without the need for plumber. 


  Instantly transforms tap water into healthy, top quality, fresh water for your aquarium.

  Less than 60 seconds to install

  No any plumbing job or permanenet fixture required

  8-12 months or 1000 gallons

  2.6¢ per gallon

  3-4 gallons of  pure water per hour

  State of the art 4-stage Reverse Osmosis filtration

  Removes more than 800 contaminants

  Removes all major dangerous contaminants, including chlorine, chloramines, nitrates, viruses, bacteria, arsenic, asbestos, VOCs, pesticides and etc.

  Designed and Assembled in USA

  100% Satisfaction or 14 days money back


4-stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System for aquariums:

1st stage: Premium Quick-Connect 5 micron sediment filter. Dust and rust particles are trapped here in a filter which also extends the life of the RO system and the membrane.

2nd stage: Premium Quick-Connect T28 coconut activated carbon filter - VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other common chemicals are removed from the water in this stage. Also this filter removes chlorine, cloudiness, offensive odors, colors and unpleasant taste. Made in USA.

3rd stage: High Rejection TFC type reverse osmosis membrane. 96%-99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and other elements are removed in this stage. Arsenic, fluoride, lead, chromium, radium, viruses, bacteria, and other unhealthy contaminants are removed from the water. 75/100 gallon per day capacity. Made in USA.

4th stage: Produces ultra high quality water with deionizing mixed bed polishing filters (0-6 PPM). This stage produces exceptionally clean water with a minimum TOC background. Made in USA. Content 2/3 of DI beds and 1/3 Carbon T33

Aquarium RO System delivers approximately 3 gallons of pure, clean water per hour. 

There are 2 major problems with using municipal water for aquariums:

- chlorine, chloramine (and other chloration byproducts).

- nitrate, nitrine contaminants.

Using tap water, which has been treated with chlorine for human use, can be deadly to all kind of fish. Our Aquarium Reverse Osmosis System removes more 96%-99.8%  of chlorine/chloramine byproducts. We use modern GAC T28 Carbon Prefilter to remove chlorine and by-products from the water.

The nitrogen cycle is responsible for your aquarium's biological filtration and the removal of toxins. Within this cycle, bacteria and fungi break down uneaten food, dead organisms, fish, plant, and invertebrate waste into ammonia. Aerobic bacteria break down ammonia into nitrite, and nitrite into nitrate. Nitrate causes stress to fish and invertebrates, which opens the door to diseases and reproductive failures. In addition, high nitrate levels can quickly change water chemistry.  So nitrate removal is vital to your aquarium's overall health. For most aquarists, nitrate is then removed from the system by frequent water changes. But your municipal water is not a good source of fresh water for aquarium since it may have nitrate/nitrite. US EPA allows up to 10ppm of nitrite/nitrate in water.

In fact, some municipal water has high level of nitrate, nitrite contaminants. Regular Reverse Osmosis membrane (any brands) removes only 60-76% nitrates. Super DI Ion Exchange Resin bed filter increases removal up to 85-95%. Beside nitrate & nitrite removal, DI Beds filter provide extra protection against many other water contaminants. DI Ion Exchange Process produces ultra-high purity water with a minimum TOC background, and decrease total level of TDS to 0-6 PPM.  This RO System is one of the best systems on market for aquarium use.

Reverse Osmosis with DI removes virtually everything from tap water, including essential minerals your aquarium inhabitants need to flourish. Depending on the type of aquarium the RO water is being used for, it may be necessary to add these essential minerals back into the purified water. Most marine salt mixes already contain these minerals and the use of RO conditioners is not necessary. However, freshwater aquariums require re-mineralization to achieve the desired pH.

There are 2 options to use Aquarium RO:

1. Mixing RO Water with Tap Water

The simplest way to use RO water for softening water and lowering pH is to mix a proportion of tap water and RO together to achieve the desired levels. You can mix ¾ RO water with ¼ tap water to produce the desired result.

2. Using 100% RO Water and Re-mineralization

Starting with pure RO water, essential salts and minerals are added in proportions that create water with the correct parameters for the fish it is to be used for. This needs to be done carefully and although minerals and compounds can be custom mixed by the individual fish keeper, the simplest and most accurate way to reconstitute RO water is by using commercially available products. There are many remineralisation products available, some of which are specifically designed for certain types of fish.

Be advised:

When you switch to using RO to adjust hardness and/or pH in an established tank you MUST do this gradually over a number of partial water changes.


What to expect:
If your source water 300 ppm, after filtration 5..28 ppm (test can be done not earlier than 3-5 days of regular use)



Elements and the Percent Membranes will remove   % of removal 
Arsenic 93%-96%
Aluminum 86%-90%
Bicarbonate 90%
Cyanide 85%-93%
Chloride 85%-92%
Calcium 94%-98%
Sodium 86.5%-93%
Sulfate 96%-98%
Potassium 84%-95%
Barium 95%-98%
Iron 94%-98%
Nitrate 60%-76%
Mercury 94%-98%
Zinc 95%-98%
Selenium 94%-96%
Lead 95%-98%
Phosphate 94%-98%
Magnesium 94%-98%
Fluoride 82%-92%
Nickel 96%-98%
Cadmium 94%-98%
Strontium 96%
Copper 96%-98%
Silver 93%-95%
Radioactivity 93%-94%
Ammonium 80%-90%
Bromide 90%-95%
Silicate 92%-95%
Silica 90%-98%
Insectecides 97%-98%
Borate 30%-50%
Polyphosphate 96%-98%
Chromate 85%-95%
Boron 50%-70%
Detergent 97%-99%
Herbicides 97%-98%
Insecticides 97%-98%
Bacteria 98%-99%
Virus 99%

According to the EPA, tests with thin-film composite membrane removed the following contaminants from drinking water:

  • - 80% to 100% percent of triazine
  • - 98.5% to 100% of acetanilide
  • - 100% of organochlorine pesticides
  • - 98.5% to 100% of organophosphorus pesticides
  • - 92.9% or more of carbamate pesticides

Chlorine, chloramine, aluminum, cyanide, methane, radon, silver, copper, chromium strontium, uranium, benzene, nitrates, cysts, pesticides, radium, sediments, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) , unpleasant tastes and odors are most effectively removed from water with membrane and carbon filters.

Attention California customers regarding using waste water. Because of drought we highly recommend you collect waste water. Waste water is technical water 
which can be reused in many different ways:
1. Watering plants in garden. Waste water is pretreated water without chlorine. Ideal water for watering any plants
2. Refill toilet tank
3. Using for car wash   

Replacement filter set (filters life: 6-8 months, membrane: 2.5-3 years) :





3 Filter Set for 4-stage RO Systems, including 5M Sediment, T28 GAC and DI bed 0PPM filters for aquariums $23.99
3 Filter Set plus Membrane 50-75 GPD for 4-stage Aquarium RO Systems, including 5m Sediment, T28 GAC and DI beds filters $44.99


Package content:

1. Complete 4-stage Aquarium  Reverse Osmosis Purification System with DI Bed/T33 filter.

2. Kitchen Faucet Diverter and adapter 

3. Collet tool


What to expect:

  • If your source water 300 ppm, after filtration 5..20 ppm (test can be done not earlier than 3-5 days of regular use).
  • Dimension: 14"x6"x6".
  • This RO system produces 1 gallons of water every 14-24 min (very slow, water purification output depends on membrane Gallons Per Day rating, water dripping not flowing). RO membrane splits water with 0.0005 micron filtration, approx 1000 times more effective than any water filter without membrane.We highly recommend to collect water in advance (every day or every second day) to always have it on hand.


Water supply options:

Our diverter works with regular faucet spout except sprinkler type. If you have sprinkler type, please contact us before purchasing.

Any kitchen faucet has removable aerator. Just unscrew aerotar to check what kind of spout you do have.

We ship Countertop RO System with diverter for spouts with Male Threads. We ship plastic adapter for diverter (it comes within the same package). You can change it to metal version adapter for $2.99 (link here).

Picture of diverter:


We offer 2 conversion kits to connect Countertop Reverse Osmosis System to kitchen under sink plumbing or garden/laundry spigot/outlet

Some other options:

- Garden / Laundry hose adaptor ($3.99, link: here )

- 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/4" water feeding supply with valve ($7.99 , link here )

- water feeding needle valve for any types of pipes ($3.99, link here , fit pipes sizes 3/8' to 1 3/8" OD)

- bathroom adapter (there are many of size)

If you don't need kitcehn spout diverter, we can replace it with garden hose adapter, 1/2"x1/2"x1/4" or water feeding needle valve adapter for free.



We use well water for our freshwater aquarium and we are having a difficult time lowering the pH. We tried using pH conditioners and the pH level will go down for a few days, but then it starts climbing again. What's going on and what can we do?
In some areas, especially in regions that have limestone deposits, well water will contain high levels of minerals, making the water "hard." Water hardness is closely associated with pH and influences the ease at which pH can be altered. The high mineral content functions as a buffer and counteracts the effects of pH conditioners.

What type of quality can I expect with the Reverse Osmosis Revolution system?
We use the same reverse osmosis (RO) technology as many major bottling plants to filter your water. Our system provides you with the refreshing taste of drinking water with a touch of minerals. You won't get the flat taste of distilled water or the stale taste of bottled water which has sat on the shelf too long. Our RO systems purify water daily in your home, on demand, when and where you need it, providing you and your family with naturally fresh and healthy water for all your activities.

The Reverse Osmosis Revolution system is designed with a 4/5 stage method to deliver the most stable and complete RO process available for water purification in your home. By taking control of your water safety from your own home, you are able to manage the units performance and ensure the purity of the water you and your family consume on a daily basis. Bottled waters are not closely regulated and can come from dangerous or unhealthy locations such as near a dump site or from an unknown municipal water system. You can't know if those areas use lead pipes for water distribution or treat the water with chlorine. You simply cannot know where bottled water has been sourced or how it has been handled.

Is RO filtered water any better than my tap water?
It is a known fact that many municipal water distribution channels in cities across the country are in desperate need of replacement due to wear and the advanced age of the system. Water is vulnerable to contamination at almost any point along the delivery route. Unsafe lead and copper pipes, bacteria from water main breaks or stagnant water, and any number of other hazards are a real possibility with municipal water systems. Most municipal water systems include chlorine or chloramine to disinfect the water before it reaches your tap. These additives can cause health issues as well as give water an unpleasant taste or color. Fluorinated water has become common in cities large and small across the United States. Many modern medical studies point to these chemicals as poisons and cite adverse reactions for those with compromised immune systems, the very young and the elderly.

Isn't bottled water the best choice for pure, clean water?
Many people are surprised to find out that bottled water is no guarantee of purity or safety. Approximately 40 percent of bottled water is simply regular tap water, which may or may not have received any additional treatment or filtration. That means all your time and effort in driving to the store, selecting a top brand bottled water, and storing the water in your home, may be for nothing other than the regular tap water from another city. Surprisingly, most municipal tap water systems must adhere to stricter purity standards than the bottled water industry. Large public water suppliers, such as a city or town, are required by the EPA to test for contaminants up to several times a day, but the FDA requires private bottlers to test for contaminants only once a week, once a year, or once every four years, depending on the contaminant.

The Environmental Working Group, in 2009, performed an independent test which revealed some surprising results. 38 low-level contaminants were found in bottled water, with each of the 10 tested brands containing an average of eight chemicals, including:
- Disinfection byproducts (DBPs)
- Caffeine
- Tylenol
- Nitrate
- Industrial chemicals
- Arsenic
- Bacteria
Many bottled water users are shocked to find out that both tap and bottled water can have fluoride. Some bottled water companies are using the addition of fluoride as an actual selling point. You cannot be sure of the quality of your bottled water unless you can see the water test results for yourself. Most companies will not provide the public, independent researchers or their customers with access to any information regarding water testing or quality. Another point to consider is the plastic bottle big name companies use to store their water. All of those disposable water bottles have a huge impact on the environment and our landfills. Depending on how long bottled water is stored, before and after you purchase it, contaminants from the bottle itself can leach into the water.


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