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Black Series Expandable Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis System. Garden Laundry Hose connection. 50/75/100/150 GPD Membrane

Black Series Expandable Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis System. Garden Laundry Hose connection. 50/75/100/150 GPD Membrane
Weight 16.00 lbs
Our price: $149.95
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The Reverse Osmosis Revolution System easily attaches to your Garden Laundry hose outlet without the need for plumber. It may take only 3-5 min to install it. Ideal solution for your apartment, home, RVs. Comes with extra long 5' tubeing. Ship in white body.  

The Expandable 4-stage Black Reverse Osmosis Revolution Water Purification System: 

  Instantly transforms tap water into healthy, top quality, fresh drinking water 

  State of the art 4-stage Reverse Osmosis filtration

  Comes with extra 3 filter set. Good for 2 year

  Removes more than 150 contaminants

  Removes all major dangerous contaminants including chlorine, chloramine, viruses, bacteria, arsenic, asbestos, VOC, pesticides and etc.

  Significantly reduce fluoride (65%-90%)

  6-12 months or 1500 gallons filter life

  2¢ per gallon total cost of extra pure water

  Best price for replacement filter set - only $15.99 (for first 3 stages). We use standard 2.5"x10" water filter cartridges

  50,75,100 or 125 GPD high rejection USA made TFC membrane (removes 96-99% of total dissolved solids)

  Complete RO system including all parts to hook it up 

  Delivers aprox. 1 gallon of fresh pure water in 30 min (50 GPD membrane), 20 min (75 GPD), 15 min (100 GPD), 12 min (125 GPD)

   Designed and Assembled in USA 

  1 Year warranty (on parts, except filters)

  100% Satisfaction or 14 days money back


4-stage Reverse Osmosis Revolution Water Purification System:

  • 1st stage: Premium Quick-Connect 5 micron sediment filter. Dust and rust particles are trapped here in a filter which also extends the life of the system and the membrane. 
  • 2nd stage: Premium Carbon Block CTO filter. This filter removes chlorine, chloramine, pesticides and herbicides, benzene, trihalomethane (THM) compounds, radon, solvents and hundreds of other man-made chemicals found in tap water, and some of metals including aluminum, cyanide, methane, silver, copper, chromium, strontium, uranium, benzene, nitrates, cysts, radium. cloudiness. This stage removes offensive odors, colors and unpleasant taste. 5 Micron rating.
  • 3rd stage: Premium High Rejection TFC type Reverse Osmosis membrane (made in USA).  96%-99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and other elements are removed in this stage. Arsenic, fluoride, lead, chromium, radium, viruses, bacteria, and other unhealthy contaminants are removed from the water. 50/75/100/125 gallon per day capacity.
  • 4th stageIdeal as polishing filter. Removes chlorine, chloramine, VOCs and etc. Fight with odor.
You can add following post filter(s) as upgrade for 4,5 or 6 stages (at extra cost):
  • Mineral 58 Elements filter - Water Mineralization filter (contents 58 Vital Minerals). Maifan Stone has function of two-way regulation of trace elements (microelements)  to reach the best balance of human body needed. So mineralized water has an obvious health effects. Some mineral elements include SlO2, Fe2O3, FeO, MgO, CaO, k2O, Na2O, TiO2, p2O5, MnO, etc., but also contains all the necessary constant  elements such as: K, Na, Ca, Mg, Cu, Mo and other trace elements and REE, about 58 minerals for human body. Price: $19.99. Link here.
  • Premium KDF-55/T33 post filter - Omnipure (USA made) inline filter. To remove more effectively heavy metals, ammonia and control microorganisms, we recommend to upgrade RO System with a super KDF/T33 post filter. If you use Reverse Osmosis water tank, and don't have UV unit - we highly recommend to replace your last stage with this filter. Any water tank during time experience problem with bacteria growth inside. Regular T33 last stage filter effectively removes odor, but fail in removing bacterias. UV units are expensive. This brand new KDF-55/T33 filter specially designed to remove bacterias from the water.  Price: $19.99. Link here.
  • DI Resin 0PPM - Extra Stage DI Deionization Ion Exchange Media Filter. Removes more than 50 different contaminants. Multipurpose deionization polishing cartridges are designed to give multi meg-ohm quality water for human consumption and general laboratory use. The highly purified ion exchange resin will deliver high purity water with a minimum TOC background. Constructed from FDA grade materials and media, these cartridges are designed as a polisher for low TDS feed water. 1/4" FNPT , 11" long x 2" wide. Content: Mixed DI Bed MBD-15 (made in USA by ResinTech), Semiconductor Grade (better than nuclear grade). Used as last stage or after membrane. Used in DI RO Systems and for aquarium use. Designed for ultra pure filtration (0-7 PPM). Complies with FDA Regulation for potable water.  Price: $11.99. Link here.
  • DI/T33 post filter - Extra Stage DI Deionization Ion Exchange Media Filter. Recommended for aquarium use.  Price: $11.99. Link here.
  • 3-in-1 Alkaline ORP filter Unique  filter increases water pH level from 6-7 Ph to 8.5-9.5 .Filter contents 3 different media balls. Tourmaline (also known as Magic Stone) gemstone is a semi-precious mineral stone well known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. Studies have shown the increased incidence of chronic disease is directly related to toxic overflow in the body. Tourmaline gemstone is known to aid in relieving stress, increase mental alertness, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system. Physiological disease is almost always the result of too much acid stressing the body's pH balance. For more information on the health benefits of higher pH levels in water, please visit http://ph2o.blogspot.com/  Price: $25.99. Link here.
  • Acid Neutralizer Calcite filter - One of  best filter if your water has a pH level of 6.8 or lower. Physiological disease is almost always the result of too much acid stressing the body's pH balance. For more information on the health benefits of higher pH levels in water, please visit http://ph2o.blogspot.com/ .  Made by Omnipure USA.  Price: $14.90. Link here.
Extra accessories:
  • Extra 10' black RO tubing 1/4". Price: $6.99. Link here.
  • Premium RO faucet. Price $14.99 Link here.
  • Wall mounter bracket for RO faucet. $3.99. Link here.


Elements and the Percent Membranes will remove   % of removal 
Arsenic 93%-96%
Aluminum 86%-90%
Bicarbonate 90%
Cyanide 85%-93%
Chloride 85%-92%
Calcium 94%-98%
Sodium 86.5%-93%
Sulfate 96%-98%
Potassium 84%-95%
Barium 95%-98%
Iron 94%-98%
Nitrate 60%-76%
Mercury 94%-98%
Zink 95%-98%
Selenium 94%-96%
Lead 95%-98%
Phosphate 94%-98%
Magnesium 94%-98%
Fluoride 82%-92%
Nickel 96%-98%
Cadmium 94%-98%
Detergent 97%-99%
Herbicides 97%-98%
Insectecides 97%-98%
Strontium 96%

According to the EPA, tests with thin-film composites removed the following contaminants from drinking water:

  • - 80% to 100% percent of triazine
  • - 98.5% to 100% of acetanilide
  • - 100% of organochlorine pesticides
  • - 98.5% to 100% of organophosphorus pesticides
  • - 92.9% or more of carbamate pesticides

RO can remove between 85% to 95% of fluoride. For more information on the dangers of fluoride in your drinking water, please visit http://www.fluoridealert.org/faq/.

For more information regarding Reverse Osmosis and pesticide removal, please visit http://www.ehow.com/facts_8333859_reverse-osmosis-remove-pesticides-water.html#ixzz2f7EwjviO.

Chlorine, chloramine, aluminum, cyanide, methane, radon, silver, copper, chromium strontium, uranium, benzene, nitrates, cysts, pesticides, radium, sediments, VOC (volatile organic compounds) , unpleasant tastes and odors are most effectively removed from water with membrane and carbon filters. For more information, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_filtering.

Water is one of the most important factors of your health.  We highly recommend to read this USA EPA Water Quality Report about tap water contaminants.

Attention California customers regarding using waste water. Because of drought we highly recommend you collect waste water. Waste water is technical water 

which can be reused in many different ways:
1. Watering plants in garden. Waste water is pretreated water without chlorine. Ideal water for watering any plants
2. Refill toilet tank
3. Using for car wash   

Filter Replacement:

We recommend to change filters as following: first 2 stages - every 6 months, RO membrane - every 2.5-3 years, post filters - every year. 

Package content:

Complete 4-stage Reverse Osmosis Revolution Water Purification System. We use parts from certified NSF or Water Quality Association suppliers.  Full list:

- 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with pre-installed filters

- Reverse Osmosis Membrane  (50/75/100/125 GPD)

- extra 3 filter set  and 1 post Carbon T33 filter (Total 2-year supply) 

- housing wrench

- garden laundry adapter

- goose faucet (can be replaced with RO faucet)

- flow restrictor (550ml)


Handling & Shipping:

Handling/manufacturing time is 2 business days. We ship via UPS Ground (1-5 business days), except areas within 150 miles from New York (USPS Priority Mail)