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RO vs Bottled water

Buying a RO system is the most economical way to achieve fresh, clean water in your home.  We want to show you how our systems can save you money as well as give you fresh, clean water for you and your family.

Here is an estimated cost breakdown for purchasing an Countertop RO system:


  • Initial cost of system: $89-$169
  • Cost of installation: $0
  • Replacement filters (2 sets for 2 years): from $22/set

Cost for 3 years : $155.97  to $289.99 (for Heavy Duty 6 Stage Countertop RO).

Bottled water for a family of three esimate cost is $2825 (calcultead 2 gallons per day multiply by $1.29/ gallon during 3 years) or 10-18 times more!